5 Reasons You Should be Archiving Your Emails

email archiving

Have you ever done email archiving? It is something that very few people do. There are many people who receive tons of emails daily. In order to do better email management, email archiving is the best way. If emails are not managed properly then your inbox may pile up and chances are that you miss some important emails.

However, it is not only about keeping inbox empty. At the individual level, email archiving is done to manage inbox while at the corporate level, email retention legislation in the U.S requires companies to maintain copies of the emails for years. Here is all you need to know about email archiving and reasons why you should be doing it.

What is Email Archiving?

It is the process of removing emails from the inbox to be stored in a separate location which is easily accessible. The archived emails can be searched based on archived by date, contact or search keyword. Email archiving ensures that your inbox is clean all the time and your old data is completely safe. Better email management will enhance your productivity. Here are the reasons why you should be archiving your emails.

1. You’ll have a cleaner inbox that’s easier to manage

It is the biggest advantage of email archiving. With a cleaner inbox, you can manage your emails in a better way. Most of the time, a to-do list is based on emails you get from your manager or subordinates. You can manage your tasks in a better way. A clean inbox makes sure that none of the important emails get overlooked. Archiving emails is a great thing to do for business owners, employees and suppliers. Freelancers can also archive their old projects for reference.

2. You’ll never lose important data

We send a lot of confidential data through emails. This confidential data covers every aspect of our lives, from bank information to medical records and invoices. Email archiving allows us to keep a record of all these confidential data we send or receive. After archiving these important files are stored in a separate and safe location and we can access this data at any time. This data can be accessed later from multiple devices which makes life even easier.

3. You can quickly access important data

When you archive important emails and data sent or received through emails, you can easily access this important data. For example, if you have been archiving bank emails, and now you need bank statements on an urgent basis, you can quickly jump into the archived emails and access them. You can access the archived emails and search by date, contact and search keyword.

4. It helps your business remain compliant

As discussed in the intro, across a board range of different industries, data security and archiving are required to comply with the legislation. Similarly, email retention legislation in the U.S requires companies to maintain copies of all emails. This is done through the email archiving.

5. It protects your business from potential litigation

When your business becomes involved in a legal proceeding, then email archiving data can help you find the important records. As everything is secured in a separate and safe location, you can access anything you need to help you in legal proceedings.

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