5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads

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You’ve spent countless hours yourself or with a web designer to create your business site only to find out that it isn’t generating the number of leads you initially anticipated. It is more common than you think and you don’t need to lose sleep over it because it is solvable. An online marketing agency, Kantaloupe shares the following five reasons are likely to be why your website isn’t generating leads:

Confusing call to action

One of the biggest reasons behind a website’s low conversion rate is its call to action (CTA). When it comes to problems with CTA, it is usually because there are too many of them on one page or an indirect one. There is a general rule with CTAs and that is to have a single, distinct CTA per page. For example, if it is for a product, you have a button with the phrase “buy now” so visitors know what to do next to proceed. The only instance in which you can have a second CTA is when you have a long landing page. In these cases, the content is usually segmented and besides the first CTA, you want to have a second one at the bottom of the page so users don’t have to scroll all the way up when you are done going through.

Popups with a CTA has also become popular. These popup on the screen in the form of a banner and prompt users to either go through with the action you want them to or closeout. In these cases, you can ensure that the user doesn’t miss out on the CTA.

Webform is too complicated

It can be enticing to use web forms to gather as much information as possible to make the sales process a little easier for you and the team. However, filling such a form with many fields puts visitors off, leading many to just leave it. When designing a web form, you want to keep as many fields as possible. You will find the number of leads you generate multiple if you trim your web form down to just name, email address, and phone number. The key is to keep the number of fields under 5. So users don’t feel like they are being asked to do too much.

Poor web design

You can spend countless amounts of money on marketing but if your website isn’t designed well, you will lose out on business. A professional web design can go a long way, the website is going to be the first impression potential clients will have of your business. Remember that there are many other businesses online that provide a similar solution so an outdated or complicated design will turn visitors towards competition. You want to design a website that takes into account your buyer’s persona and keeping the design simple and elegant. Don’t overflood the page with content, keeping a balance between images, text, and white space.

Not mobile-friendly

Half of the internet population uses mobile devices to access information. You will have tons of potential leads closing out of your website if it isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Not only will they have trouble navigating the website but also issues with submitting forms and details because they won’t be able to experience the website as they should. It is important that you ensure your website is responsive and test it on mobile devices. It should function on a mobile device as it would on a desktop.

Poor content

Like the design, content also contributes to first impressions. A miss-spelled word or grammatical error reflects poorly on your business. It shows that you aren’t serious enough to go through your content and proofread it. Poor content is one of the easiest ways to turn visitors away from your business. Read and re-read your content to ensure it flows well, gets the information you want across, and has no spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Lead generation is one of the main reasons a business creates a website. If your website doesn’t serve that purpose, it isn’t going to impact your business in the way you hoped it would. When designing the website, you need to make sure that the content and design are well-crafted. The website overall should be designed to provide users with exceptional experience and glitch-free. That is the only way you can ensure that the site generates leads and helps your business flourish.

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