5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Bouquet of Fresh Flowers Last Longer


Everyone loves getting fresh flowers and it is the best way to express your love and gratefulness. The best feeling is getting a bouquet of flowers which brightens up your room.

But the bouquet of flowers remain fresh only for a few days and then petals start to fall off and the stem begins to droop. Water also turns brown and starts to smell. It is not a good feeling to see the lovely bouquet getting into the garbage.

Luckily there are some hacks which you can use to increase the durability of the bouquet. Your flowers will stay fresh for longer following these simple tips.

1. Cut Stems on an Angle.

Flowers stay fresh for longer based on their water absorption capacity. Normally when you buy a bouquet, the stems are cut normally straight. You need to cut the stems on an angle. This will increase the capacity to absorb the water better. Normally they are not cut on an angle when you buy them or when someone sends you.

You also need to re-cut the stem once every couple of days to keep your flowers fresh for long.

2. Trim Off Extra Leaves.

You need to remove the leaves below the water line in order to keep flowers fresh longer. The leaves in the water support the bacterial growth which is the basic cause of the rot. Also, it will produce an awful smell. So in order to keep flowers fresh for longer, you need to remove the leaves in the water.

3. Keep Frest Flower Bouquet Hydrated.

If you want to keep the flowers bouquet fresh for longer then you need to keep it hydrated with the freshwater. You need to immediately stick them in the water after you cut the stems. It is not just water but also the temperature of the water matters a lot. Make sure the water you are using is lukewarm. This is ideal for keeping flowers fresh for longer.

When you use cold or hot water, you’ll risk shocking your pretty spring flowers. You need to change out the vase water every one or two days before it gets too cloudy.

4. Don’t Forget to Feed Your Flower Bouquet.

Just like humans need food to live, so do the fresh flowers. Normally your flower bouquet comes with the flower food in the form of a little packet. Make sure you use it and mix it properly in the freshwater. This will nourish the flowers and prevent bacterial growth. If you really want your bouquet to stay for longer the keep in mind feeding the flowers.

5. Choose the Right Spot.

Don’t keep your flower bouquet under the direct light of the sun or near appliances that heat up. Flowers stay fresh for longer when they are placed in a room with cool temperature or shady places.

You would definitely want to keep your flower bouquet fresh for longer especially when someone sends you via international flower delivery from abroad. You must follow the above-listed tips to do so.

If you know any other flower tips then do let us know in the comments section below.

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