5 Characteristics of Sustainable Tourism


Tourism is a major contributor to the economy for many countries around the world. Tourism is providing a source of revenue to local economies by providing employment to the people of that country.

The boom in the tourism industry has let many countries to consider the characteristics of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism involves maintaining and preserving local resources and heritage.

No doubt that tourism provides a source of income to millions of people but it may take some key components of those countries. With the help of Sustainable tourism, we can emphasize respect for the local resources, culture, and environment. Here are the top 5 characteristics of sustainable tourism.

1. Benefits of Local Economic Development

Sustainable tourism emphasizes on local job creation for the people of a country. It ensures that there are plenty of job opportunities for local people. In order to sustain the economic momentum, sustainable tourism encourages local entrepreneurship and community reinvestment. This type of tourism model highly discourages outsourcing to the other parts of the world.

2. Ensures Tourism Development Benefits Both Community and Environment

Preserving the natural environment is one of the biggest challenges today. Natural resources and beauty can be destroyed within years if not taken care of. The natural resources can be very easy to deplete because of the high demand. Characteristics of sustainable tourism make sure that there are no harmful effects on natural resources because of tourism.

3. Meets Both Profitability and Viability

Sustainable tourism makes sure that markets served are both profitable and viable for the long-term. Thinking only of short-term can give you a lot of profit but in the long run, the local market will be destroyed. There will be no jobs and alternative businesses for the local people.  So, the key to success is thinking of both profitability and sustainability.

4. Becomes Part of the Local Culture

Tourism must not take the local culture and community. It is the most important elements as it may remove the essence of a country if its local culture and values are destroyed. So, the special feel of a place which makes it unique must be protected and should be taken over by foreign elements. Special measures must be taken to prevent loss of the original appeal to travelers.

5. Reinvests in the Local Region

The money earned from the local region must be reinvested in the local community. The money earned must be put back into the local community in the form of better infrastructure, local schools, preserving natural resources to meet the demands of the tourists in the region. It is one of the most essential characteristics of sustainable tourism. The local people must get benefit out of tourism in their country.

It is very important to maintain sustainability within a country’s tourism industry as it covers a number of aspects.

These top five characteristics are vital for the long-term success of a country’s economy based completely on tourism.

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