4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt PoC Solutions for Your Organization


The methods of communication today have evolved, to the point that almost every single inhabitant of the planet has a smartphone. Telephone networks can put people in contact on the other side of the planet. However, for fast-responding communication, PoC solution is a better option.

Although smartphones are convenient, workers need to go through several tedious steps every time to realize fast-responding communication. Besides, workers need quick, stable, and practical ways to keep in contact. During job operations, two-way radios’ utilization comes into play.

In this brief article, we will talk about PoC solutions. We will consider what benefits your organization can gain from the adoption of PoC radios.

Long-range communications

The Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) is a mobile wireless two-way transmission technology that maintains a constant, reliable connection among groups of users. PoC solutions are used in many sectors and industries such as transportation, event organization, utilities, public service, education, and hospitality.

One of the main benefits of PoC solutions is their long-range wireless connectivity. For long-distance communication, conventional radios need to be supported with repeaters to expand their coverage. With a PoC radio, you can communicate in real-time with your teams dislocated locally, nationally, or even internationally. PoC service connects to the public networks, enabling users to achieve a wider connectivity range.

Cost-saving technology

When compared to traditional radio, PoC solutions do not require investments to build infrastructure. Once the system is established, administrators turn the device on and start the conversation by pushing a button (push-to-talk). There is no need for repeaters, cabling, or radio programming. The communication is instantaneous on a closed network encrypted on a cloud server. In this way, your team members’ privacy is guaranteed during the transmission.

High standard audio quality

Has it ever happened to you to make a phone call and have a problem with the reception? Sometimes at work, communication problems during phone conversations can have an unpleasant impact on your job. Another great aspect of PoC solutions is high-quality audio. No matter if you are working indoor or outside in adverse weather conditions, the audio transmitted by PoC radios is always clear. As a matter of fact, newly developed two-way radios have outstanding audio playback performances. Besides, the headsets feature excellent noise cancellation, allowing the listener to understand the speaker’s message better.

Numerous Additional features

PoC radio has a long variety of built-in features. Some of the devices are equipped with GPS to track the location of the staff. Some instrument can even take pictures while also having access to Bluetooth. Ideal for emergencies in dangerous jobs, many devices have the man down and lone man functions. For instance, when a worker falls unconscious, these modes automatically notify other team members about their coworker’s status. Overall, the accessories and add-ons turn an already excellent product in an innovative cutting-edge device.

Recently we have found out Hytera PoC solution gaining popularity. The company’s versatile PoC radios are among the best in the market. Some models have successfully combined two-way radios advantages with the functionality of the smartphones, making a unique offer.


If you are interested in learning more about how to implement the PoC solutions for your organization, we recommend seeking for reliable manufacturers.

Hytera offers the ultimate handheld digital radios with reliable broad range communication, professional management software, and overall advanced performances.

The company is the leading global provider for radio communications. The purpose that spur Hytera’s work is to improve people’s intercommunication through new technology development.

If you are looking for expert providers, Hytera welcomes the opportunity to assist you.

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