4 Alternative Ways to Help Your Mental Health

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The number of mental illnesses diagnosed each year has continued to rise. Currently, there are approximately 9.8 million adults who are over the age of 18 who deal with a serious mental illness. Of those 9.8 million adults, 52.6% of those people have used prescription drugs. Another 36.2 million Americans have reported having paid for mental health care services in the last year.

While no one thing can be attributed to this rise in mental health challenges there are a plethora of solutions available that don’t require the traditional usage of medication.

The use of alternative treatments such as natural herb like Kratom for sale to treat mental illness has continued to grow over the last several years simply because of medication side effects and an overall dissatisfaction and mistrust for the pharmaceutical industry.

Although these treatments have been proven to be work, these treatments should never be used in lieu of the treatment prescribed to you by your doctor.


When many Psychologists and or Psychiatrists first meet with patients one of the first things they do before giving you any diagnosis is they begin to give counseling (better known as therapy). During these sessions, you are given a specific amount of time to share one’s personal journey, feelings, emotions, fears, desires, etc. This allows the patient to take a load off of their shoulders in a no judgment zone. It also gives your Psychologist or Psychiatrist a glimpse into your thought process and overall life experiences prior to making any medical diagnosis.

Outside of using therapy to diagnosis an individual, therapy can also be used as a form of treatment. In what usually lasts as an hour, a therapist will give you time to talk through various challenges you may be faced with and then will begin offering you solutions on how you can effectively navigate through those challenges.


Hypnosis is not a magic trick. In fact, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that hypnotics are able to induce through the power of suggestion. During hypnosis, hypnotists are able to use relaxation techniques, keywords, imagery, and a combination of other things in order to help clients relax easily.

The idea behind hypnosis even when the conscious mind wants to do something, the unconscious mind is unable to accept the change. According to many hypnotists, under the right conditions, one can subtly alter the effects of the unconscious mind and help bring about behavioral changes including during times of depression.


Acupuncture is an accent Chinese practice. This practice is used to work directly with your body’s flow of energy by using endless that are carefully placed all over the body. For mental illness’ such as depression, pressure points in the hands and feet are targeted to increase the flow of “qi”.


Yoga is another therapeutic alternative to medication especially for those who deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and a host of other emotional challenges. While many are led to believe that in order to engage in yoga you just be flexible, that’s not always true. Yoga focuses heavily on breathing techniques and while there on some that focus heavily on stretching your joints, every yoga program is different.

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