3 Ways to Improve Staff Morale in an Office

morale in office

We are reaching out more and more to people in the last few years when it comes to our mental wellbeing. The workplace is no exception – in fact, for many, it’s where we can sometimes feel that mental burnout, especially when not taking a break, and even a reduction in our general mood and motivation can cause a myriad of issues that we will at some point need to deal with. 

From the most successful managers to the best corporate CEO’s understanding what can help their workforce and how to implement it has been a key to their, and their business success.

We hear a lot more around the word empathy, and we hear a lot more around the world, morale. Great managers understand it, and they understand how to spot the signs of low morale and try to find a way to increase for the workers wellbeing, and the business as well.

Morale – “the collective character and confidence of everyone in your organisation.”

So what are the best ways to increase workplace morale? Here are some suggestions.

Be open and communicative

One of the best ways to increase morale is to have better communication with your team. Have periods of the day or the week where you check-in regularly, ask questions such as;

–        How do you feel? What’s the energy of the team right now?

–        How can I help with any of the challenges you are currently facing?

Your employees are people, think about what would make you more respondent with your managers – or would have in the past and try to incorporate that into your teams.

Checking in, being communicative and asking the kinds of questions that lead to staff opening up and finding a way to answer the hard questions is what will help everyone in the long-term success of the team and the business.

Ask for feedback

This is always hard, no matter how big or small the business is – but it is essential. Getting feedback allows your staff to have a say on the important decisions and even helping to find solutions that can make all the difference for the medium to long-term success of your team and business.

You’ve hired people to find solutions and to deliver on a daily basis so why would you exclude them from being able to feedback on ideas and give you essential information that can help everyone. Plus, if you’re open and communicative with the team, you can feedback to them as well – which will make your staff more trusting of the whole process.

Incentivise your team

Workplace incentives have always been a management tool, but sometimes they are seen as a distraction or unfair for many involved in the process. The point is, you want to create a system that rewards your workers based on a variety of needs and importantly allows them to grow in their roles so they can work autonomously.

Whether it is a course that your team member needs or wants to go on, or it could be something that allows them to pursue their hobbies – showing them genuine interest in the things that they love to do can make all the difference.

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