3 Steps to Follow When The Death of Loved Ones Occur Unexpectedly


1. Certify the death

Death has always been a taboo topic that everyone will avoid, it has never been welcomed as a conversational subject. However, death is inevitable and also unexpectable. We can never plan for death. What should we do when the death of loved ones occurs and you will have to take charge of every paperwork and funeral arrangements?

When the demise of a person occurs, do not panic. Instead, take note of the location of death. It can be in a hospital, at home or even overseas, away from homeland. Contact the nearest doctor or mortician to certify the death. Part of the procedure is to ensure the cause of death and to obtain a death certificate that will indicate the specific time and date of the death. Getting the certificate from a licensed doctor will ensure a smooth transition into the second step.

2. Engage a Funeral Home

The body of the deceased must be attended by a professional. With due respect, the undertaker or funeral director are the ones that you should look for. Usually, contacting a funeral director of your choice will help ease the situation greatly. The funeral representative will ensure that the body of the deceased is properly loaded into the hearse for transportation to the venue where funeral service would be held. The funeral services will be arranged according to the religion of the deceased and family members will have to decide how they would want it to be. They can either choose to have the body cremated or land buried or even sea scatter. Any of the chosen would be followed up by a funeral procession after the funeral services.

Sometimes, according to the religion of the deceased, the funeral ceremony can be held for several days. During this period, friends and relatives of the affected family can come and attend the funeral ceremony to pay their last respect. They can also give sympathy flower to express their deepest condolences. Religious leaders are sometimes hired to perform rites to help aid the deceased have a smooth passage to the afterlife.

3. Commemorate the wonderful memories with the deceased

Every life represents a story the person has created and built with close friends and family members. When he or she passes on, this wonderful memory will be hatched deeply in their minds. The best way to feel their presence and to commemorate their death anniversary is to have a memorial item that would replace their absence. There are many sentimental post-funeral items such as a memorial plaque with details of the deceased, funeral keepsakes or even jewellery made of ashes or bone remains of the deceased. Pendants can be made from a small piece of the bone remains or ashes, from the cremated ashes of the demised. These items are often in high demand as it helps the family members to cope with the sudden loss of loved ones. Since good memories forged are always remembered by loved ones, memorial keepsakes are a popular choice for post-funeral objects.

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