3 Differences Between Moving Head Spot Light and Beam Light


When you marveled at the magnificent performance at the concert, did you find the lights were swaying throughout the venue? Stage lighting with a wide variety of colors is usually used to create a fantastic stage-lighting effect.

When it comes to lighting equipment, moving head Spotlights and beam lights stayed in the top two. So, do you know the characteristics of these lights? This article will summarize some differences for your reference when choosing stage light equipment.

Beams of light

Beam moving lights are also called spotlights, known primarily for their unique light sources. High utilization efficiency of light can be attributed to its unique design of the small-caliber cup and precise focusing and positioning principle. One of the essential parts of beam light is bright beams of light. The beam angle of beam lights is 0 ° ~ 5 °.

Moving head beam light is composed of four major systems: optical, mechanical, electrical, and program control. These four systems are interconnected to meet the needs of light, color, speed, direction, effect, heat dissipation, noise, positioning, etc.

Spot Moving lights focus on light spots and patterns, which emphasizes the process of light divergence. Within a distance of 100 meters, the light emitted by the moving head light is almost parallel light. Its angle is 2.5 ° ~ 60 °.

Light sources

The projection bulb used in the beam light has a small beam angle and a higher efficiency of light. Therefore, it can emit a very bright beam of light even if the power is not very high. In contrast, the spreading area of the moving head light is larger than that of the beam light and, which makes it easier to create gorgeous and superb light effects.

Applicable occasions

Beam lights with a distance of more than 12 meters are mostly used in explosive scenes like open-air shows, high ceiling indoor venue, which aims to show a passionate visual impact.

On the contrary, the minimum range of moving head spot light is 5 meters. The purpose of moving stage light is to present the art so that people can immerse themselves in a comfortable atmosphere. Through the combination of different colors and patterns, a soft and gorgeous scene effect is formed on the stage, thus creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

For instance, in a bar that is only three to five meters high, using moving head spotlights is a wise choice. It shows light beams and patterns, which can form a passionate and romantic atmosphere instead of making audience discomfort such as dizziness. Conversely, in a studio, the full angle of the moving head spotlight will make the beam of light darker. So, a beam light would be better for achieving the desired light effect.


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