10 Interesting Facts About Wax Statue That You Don’t Know

Admittedly, the eerie, sightless stare of wax figures disconcerts many onlookers. But that’s probably why so many people are drawn to wax museums around the world year by year. Now let’s take a closer look at wax statue from the 10 facts below.

1. The ancient wax statues were funerary goods.

The earliest wax statues are traceable to the First Intermediate Period (circa 2100 BC) when they were used as burial objects. These little humanoid figures are considered the representatives of the dead. Amulets, usually in the shape of the four children of Horus, were placed on mummies.

2. Wax is ideal for mannequin statues.

Sculptors have noticed that wax is easy to cut and shape at room temperature. It can mix with colors and take paint pretty well. It is also easy to manipulate with other materials to get precise textures and consistency as lifelike as possible.

3. It takes almost 2,400 pounds of wax to create a statue.

Generally, it could take up to 2,400 pounds of wax to make a wax statue, depending on the size of the model.

4. It is expensive to make a wax sculpture.

Given that a wide range of sophisticated tools and materials are required, you are likely to spend between $150,000-$300,000 to create a wax sculpture. Each figure at Madame Tussauds costs about $300,000 to produce start to finish.

5. It takes a long time to complete a wax doppelganger.

It is estimated that roughly 350 hours are required to create a wax figure. As for a typical Madame Tussauds figure, it takes about four months from initial sitting to press launch.

6. Wax figures are made 2% larger than the real persons.

Because the wax is expected to shrink over the entire process, the sculptors will make it 2% bigger than the original size.

7. Male mannequin statues don’t have penises.

It’s disappointing for most big fans to know this truth, isn’t it? That’s because it is sexual harassment unless the male stars are willing to take off their pants. So, please forgive those wax sculptors! After all, the finished products are fully clothed.

8. Making wax likeness requires precise measurements.

More than 250 accurate measurements and 180 photos were taken of subjects to create a lifelike wax representation. A male star once revealed he was asked to wear only boxer shorts ensuring his measurement as accurate as possible.

9. Styling a wax figure demands utmost care.

It takes almost five weeks to insert each strand of hair by hand, and there are around 100000 hairs on each head. Besides, knotted cords are used to make the appearance of veins on the body, and red threads are used to form veins in each eye. Also, sculptors use oil paints to mimic the exact complexion. Of course, every figure needs regular hair washed and touch-ups.

10. It is more challenging to make a live-action wax figure than any normal statues.

It is not easy for celebrities to keep a pose for a long time to get an exact measurement. Famous divers and football players need to be supported by special personnel.

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