10 Essential Items That You Must Carry in Your Tennis Bag


Everyone in the world wants to be physically fit. According to an estimate published by health foundation, Australia one in four Australian adults are obese with a BMI of 30.0kg/m2. This refers to many health hazards a person will face who is overweight. That disease may include diabetes, strokes, cancers and much more. So what to do if a person wants to get fit? Well, if you want to get fit then there are many options available in the market. You can either go to a gym or you can do HIIT (High-Intensity Intervals Training) or you can play outdoor sports regularly like Tennis.

Mind it, like other exercises and fitness programs or like other sports, tennis is not easy to play. This is the reason that when we see a tennis player in the Australian Open, he or she, is always physically fit and agile. Every sport makes you physically fit and agile but if we talk about tennis it requires you to be on the toes all the time. You have a 27 meters wide court where you have to run towards an unexpected direction every time your opponent hits the ball back towards you. Hence you have to be on your toes to run towards the ball and hit the ball with your racket.

So what is the equipment required if you want to start playing tennis? Or what are the essentials items you must carry with you when you are going to play tennis? Well, the most obvious things are a racket and a ball but this is not it. You require much more. And some of the things might differ according to gender. Like if you are a male you might need shorts but not a tennis skirt which is only for ladies.  So what are the things? Let us see below 10 essential items that you must carry in your tennis bag.


Have you ever wondered why does the tennis players carry such a huge bag with them when they come for a match in the Australian Open? Well because they are prepared for any mishap which might happen between the match so here the essential things which must be present in your tennis bag:

Essential Item # 1: Extra Racquets

Well, I know that this is an obvious thing but most of the people do not carry extra racquets with them to the court. You see anything can happen while playing a tennis match. Racquet can slip from your hands and hit the ground and get twisted or you might have seen that sometimes a tennis player gets frustrated with his poor performance and hit the racquet deliberately on the ground and break it or suddenly the strings on the racquet loosen up and many more. So you must have at least 2 extra racquets in your bag.

Essential Item # 2: Tennis Balls.

Again, I know that this is obvious but people tend to not carry them because they think that we are going to get the balls in the court. However, there are times when the ball at the court gets old and just get ripped. So you must have some extra tennis balls in your bag just in case the ball gets ripped or you arrived first in the court for a warm-up but no balls available at that moment.

Essential Item # 3: Water and Sports Drink.

When you are playing a sport like a tennis, it is very common to get dehydrated. As you are running all around to hit the ball, you might have to put a lot of effort and that will dehydrate you. So just have a bottle filled with an ample amount of water which can keep you hydrated and let you focus on the match. And why sports drink? Well just in case you feel an electrolyte imbalance you can have it to get them back to normal.

Essential Item # 4: Sunscreen.

It might seem a little girlish to some of the man but having sunscreen in your bag is very important provided the given condition of UV rays coming from the sun due to the ozone layer. Being exposed to the sunlight for a whole tennis match can damage your skin which might have some bad impact on your health and your game. So just have water and sweat-resistant sunscreen and apply just before the match.

Essential Item # 5: A hat.

Applying just sunscreen is not enough. I am sure that you have seen many tennis starts wearing a hat or a visor when they are playing under the sunlight. The main reason is that they do not want to get sunburn or sunstroke. You see sunlight possesses heat and when you play, your body already getting heated up so that extra heat can cause some serious damage to you so just wearing a hat can protect you from heating up.

Essential Item # 6: Towel.

I am sure that when you play tennis, you sweat. So just have a towel to mop that of your face and hands because using your forearm or t-shirt might be an option for instant mopping but not as good as it should be. Also having your towel is more hygienic.

Essential Item # 7: Extra Clothes.

This might be surprising, but you must have extra clothes with you at the court. Why? Because when you run so unpredictably, there might be a chance that you rip off your t-shirt or you fall and rip off the shirt so it will be great if you have an extra pair of clothes to go with it.

Essential Item # 8: Warm-up Equipment.

Before performing any physical activity, you need to warm-up. This is very important because doing intense exercise with a cold muscle can lead to serious damage and injuries. So just have a skipping rope in your bag to warm-up your legs and other muscles.

Essential Item # 9: Body Spray.

When you sweat, you have a bad smell. So just carry a body spray to cover that smell up after you have played just in case you might have to go for a quick dine-in or something with your friends.

Essential Item # 10: A First Aid Kit.

During sports, you are going to get some injuries that are for sure. So you have to be prepared for it. While playing tennis you have to move fast and when you do so, sometimes you can fall on the ground and hurt yourself. For this, you have to carry a first aid kit with you so that if that happens you can stop it immediately so that it does not impact further.


I know that these things are so many to carry on with you when you decide to play tennis but the thing is, if you do not carry them, you might end up hurting yourself badly and might have to stop playing it for a long period. Also having some extra equipment and clothes will let you continue playing tennis without any hindrance. So keep playing, but be safe and be fit.

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