10 Best Awesome Cleaning Hacks


1. Clean Bag in the Dishwasher

We recently spoke about how convenient laundry bags are when it comes to washing delicate things in the washing machine, such as lingerie. Were you aware that this beautiful little bag also works wonders in the dishwasher? We all have those things that we put into the dishwasher precariously and that eventually ends up at the bottom of the dishwasher by the drain. Put a stop to this by simply putting all the little things in a washing jar! Place it on the top rack and bring it through the load as usual.

And this is also a perfect way to wash children’s toys for all the moms out there because it cleans and sanitizes them both.

2. Chalk with Greasy Fingerprints

All you need is a stick of white chalk, a cloth, and a little water to remove greasy fingerprints and other oily stains from your walls. Simply cover the stains with white chalk, wait a few minutes, and then wipe away the chalk with a damp cloth. Voila, flags are gone!

You can also use cornstarch or baby powder instead of chalk, but I find it easier to apply with chalk, and every now and then it’s fun to paint the walls on.

3. Dryer balls of aluminum foil

If you want a cheap and convenient alternative to dryer sheets try tossing at your next load in a few aluminum foil balls. To do this, take aluminum foil about 2 feet long, roll it up until it’s the size of a tennis ball, and then just pop it in the dryer. Dryer balls are known for fighting static sticking and removing dryer sheets. And these being an aluminum foil, they’re not going to leave any scent behind.

4. Save Silica Gel Containers

This isn’t so much a hack as it’s just a helpful piece of advice for people who sometimes come across these. Those little silica gel packets you use in a number of products — don’t throw away those things (and you can never eat what’s inside according to the little box they come in!).

What’s actually inside are tiny silica gel beads that are amazing to dry stuff out by removing ambient moisture. You can throw them in a travel bag to dry it out, or add silica gel packets to your jewelry box, one of my favorite tracks, to keep the silver bits corrosive and free of tarnish!

5. Bottle cover for shower curtain rod

Chad just wanted to try this hack here at home because, the fact is, the cabinet under our kitchen sink is a bit of a mess, and finding stuff is still a hassle. So we bought a shower curtain rod (around 10 dollars) and placed it under the sink inside the cabinet. The end result was a special storage solution for our microfiber cloths and spray bottles!

6. Safe toilet pin under toilet cover

This was a hack I’ve yanked from our very famous tutorial on 3-minute toilet cleaning. Once you finish scrubbing the toilet and have this drippy toilet brush, instead of putting it in the wet holder, let the brush drip under the toilet seat.

7. Dry Gloves & Rice Boots

You’re all too familiar with the iciness of wet boots and gloves for those of you who do experience snow where you work. So when you’ve got the wet boot or glove blues, all you need to do is put a sachet of plain rice into your shoe or glove, which quickly absorbs moisture and helps to promote faster drying.

8. Take a Squeegee for Pet Hair

Whether you have dogs or cats, then pet fur is at the top of the list of cleaning problems. I have heard this one before from other members of our group and my goodness — it works like a charm! Take a squeegee and simply rub it along any hair-laden area, specifically carpeting or upholstery, in short strokes.

9. with a dry towel, speed up the drying time

Here’s a simple and easy way to every time it takes to dry a wet laundry load. All you have to do is put a clean, dry towel and your wet clothes/towels into your dryer. In fact, the dry towel can absorb some of the excess moisture allowing for faster dry time.

10. Deodorizer bathroom in your toilet roll

If you want to smell fan-freak in-tastic in your bathroom — but don’t want any chemical scents in there — all you need to do is grab your favorite essential oils and add a few drops to the inner center of the sheet. Your bathroom will, therefore, have an enjoyable smell and will be relatively low in maintenance and soft.

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